Flash Flight Frisbee 185g

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Upplev den spektakulära känslan att kasta Flash Flight frisbee i mörker!

Drivs med två små klock-batterier (CR2016) som går att byta.

Frisbeevikt: 185g.
Diameter: 26.5cm.

Färgval anger färg på lysdiod. Plasten är clear.

Disco: Diod skiftar färg i mjukta toningar (Röd-Gul-Grön-Blå-Lila-Vit). Ca 3s per färg.

Frenzy:The flashflight FRENZY disc uses a special LED light to create all the visible colors in the spectrum hundreds of times per second! As those colors flash through the 9 fiber optic channels while the FRENZY is in the air, your eyes see what looks like dozens of different colored lights all around the edge. It's new, it's wEiRd, it's cool, and everybody within eyesight will be looking at it as it flies through the night sky!


Experience the excitement of tossing a Flashflight Disc lit up by bright and colorful LEDs with friends at night.

This long-flying disc utilizes an ultra-bright L.E.D. fiber-optic array illuminating the entire disc from every angle. The innovative design provides optimal balance and stability.

This disc looks, feels and flies like the highest quality
non-illuminated discs.


* Longest & Straightest Flight - 185g
* Best illumination -
preserves night vision
* Soft & Comfortable Feel
* Water Resistant - Floats
* Long Life Replaceable Battery/Batteries
* The Ultimate in Durability

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Light-Up Light-Up
Strand & Park 150-200g's'
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Strand & Park 150-200g video

Strand & Park 150-200g video

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Frisbee video