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ProBasket Trainer

portable foot /wheel)

ProBasket Trainer

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ProBasket Trainer

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Latitude 64

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ArtNo: 4221

ProBasket Trainer

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4 of 5. Ivan Hedlund, Lindesberg (Play-for-fun, 100-135m)

ProBasket Trainer

Mycket fin träningskorg som jag har på gräsmattan hemma i ur och skur. Den har något färre kedjor än de bästa korgarna vilket man märker ibland då discarna inte stannar, men för att vara en träningskorg är det ändå riktigt bra. Smidigt hjul som underlättar transporten då den väger en del.

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Do you prefer winning to losing? Are you ready to improve your game on a daily basis? At Latitude 64 ° everyone from the staff to our World class team knows the feeling of missing a putt and can easily compare it to the feeling of making that final put on hole 18 when the pressure is on. So how do you give yourself the best chance of increasing those moments when you deliver on the green? Start by getting a solid quality basket that you can easily assemble and take down in your back yard. Don't want to take it apart between your frequent putting sessions? Just roll it to wherever you want to keep it using the built in wheel base. Unlike many low priced baskets this will give you both the look and feel of a course basket letting you practise with a feeling that this is for real. Disc Golf should always be for real.


ProBasket Trainer is a solid quality basket for home use that is easily assembled. Unlike many low priced baskets this has the look and feel of a tournament basket making practice feel like the real deal. It can also be used for temporary courses, where the built in base wheel makes it easy to move. It is PDGA approved for events up to B-tiers.


• 13 inner and 13 outer chain sets that are zinc coated.
• The ProBasket Trainer has a powder coat finish.
• Yellow 3” tall deflector band improves visibility in all conditions.
• Tension screws are included for increased stability.
• The ProBasket Trainer is approved at the Standard PDGA level which grants useage in events up to, and including, B-Tier.
• Tension screws are included for increased stability.
• The ProBasket Trainer pole is divided in two parts for easy transport and storage.
• The ProBasket Trainer is mainly meant for portable use. Meaning permanent installation, or prolonged exposure to the elements, can eventually compromise the integrity of the basket's composition.

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