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Mini EMAC Truth Fuzion Junior Worlds
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Dynamic Discs

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Mini EMAC Truth Fuzion Junior Worlds

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Dynamic Discs  Minidisc

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The Dynamic Discs Junior line of discs are a scaled down version of their full-size counterparts, and they are designed to fly with similar flight characteristics. With surprising stability and glide, the Junior line of discs are a ton of fun to throw. Go grab a Junior Sheriff and impress your friends with how far they can fly!


The Truth is a very true, straight flying midrange that is very comfortable in the hand and easy for players of all skill levels to throw. You can put any line on this disc and expect it to fly exactly how you throw it. Anhyzer, dead straight, or smooth hyzers are exactly what the Truth was designed for. Signature disc for 2010 World Champion, Eric McCabe.

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