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Axiom Osmosis Sports Ball

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5 of 5. Michael Healy, UK (Competing Locally, Up to 100m)

A must have for every player.

Ive played 2 years but only about 6 months ago I purchased a sportsack. This completely changes your game, keeps your hands dry from rain or dry from sweat when warm. I didn't realise how much I used it but last week dropped mine and was gone by the time I walked back a hole. With a tournament coming up I've bought this in the hope it comes over to UK before Sunday and literally a week later its arrived. I definately recommend anyone who doesn't have one yet to get one. Doesn't have to be this one as there are loads of different brands with the same stuff but they work a treat.

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Optimize your grip with the Osmosis Sports Ball! A quick toss of this compact rectangular sports ball will prep your throwing hand for perfect grip and a clean release. Keep one in the bag and never sweat your grip again. The Osmosis Sports Ball is available with MVP, Axiom, or Streamline logo printed on green, red, orange, pink, black, blue, yellow, or light blue. Makes a great gift or player’s pack idea!
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Axiom Discs brings a new focus on style, with vibrant color combinations of GYRO

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