PD2  (Bäst betyg)

Extremely fast and stable driver. for big arms & windy days.

the c-line pd2 was put out of production after the very first pr [...]

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Max Weight: 175 gg
Diameter: 211 mm
Center Height: 19 mm
Rim Depth: 12 mm
Rim Thickness: 24 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2010-12-03

Extremely fast and stable driver. For big arms & windy days.

The C-line PD2 was put out of production after the very first production run, due to difficulties in manufacturing these discs in PDGA allowed weights. However in 2013 the C-PD2 was brought back to the Discmania selection, thanks to the invention of Blizzard technology. Blizzard bubbles are tiny microbubbles infused in the plastic material originally to allow distance drivers to be manufactured in beginner friendly weights. In the case of the C-line PD2, the bubbles are noticeably more scarce than in regular Blizzard plastic, as the technology is used only to allow consistent production of this disc in the higher end of the weight spectrum. This technology is coined “Blizzard Enhanced” and it can be seen on all recent runs of the C-line PD2.

Targeted for the strong-armed touring pro, this disc is very reliable thrown backhand, forehand and overhead in pretty much all conditions. Do you think you have what it takes to throw this disc?

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    PD2 S-Line Swirly Special Edition 2018
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    PD2 S-Line Swirly Special..





5 of 5. SteveAddington, Gävle (Play-for-fun, over 135m)

Beef  |  PD2 S-Line Swirly Special Edition 2018

Inte ens med bra arm och i hård motvind kan du turna över den här, pålitlig!


5 of 5. VICTOR, Vinberg (Competing Locally, 100-135m)

Nice  |  PD2 Luster C-Line Wing Stamp

This was one of my first discs. Maybe not the perfect beginners disc but it taught me how to get out of tricky situations. I only use it for forehand. But I still love it and use it.





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