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P1x  (Bäst betyg)

Thanks to high demand for beaded putter from Discmania, the P1x was born. This putter was created pu [...]

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Max Weight: 176 gg
Diameter: 212 mm
Center Height: 20 mm
Rim Depth: 14 mm
Rim Thickness: 10 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2014-10-21

Description: Thanks to high demand for beaded putter from Discmania, the P1x was born. This putter was created purely with player feel in mind. That thought put together with high amounts of test repetition uncovered a very ergonomic design. Its convex lower wing and the classic P1 top gives this disc a very comfortable feeling in the hand, it just feels like it belongs there. The X-Factor of the P1x is its medium sized bead along the bottom rim of the disc. This bead just fits in the hand much better than the very apparent bigger bead on most other beaded putters. Find your X-Factor and start nailing your putts with the P1x!

The P1x has different flight ratings, depending on the plastic material: The fade in D-line P1x's is rated at 0, while the fade rating in X-line material is 1 due to added stability by the plastic material.

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    P1X D-Line
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5 of 5. Christofer Nyberg, Oxie (Competing National, 100-135m)

Utmärkt rak putter med svag fade  |  P1X D-Line

Min go-to putter som inte kräver någon inspelningstid för att gå rakt. Korta som långa puttlägen, p1x gör jobbet med sitt glid och sin minimala fade. Jag upplever högre träffprocent vid puttning utanför cirkeln, även för mig med minimal spin och hyzer. (Spush) Känslan i plasten är utmärkt och den minimala bead som discen har, är inte ivägen eller fastnar inte i handen vid release. Fungerar utmärkt som drivingputter på kortare hål samt inspel på hyzerlinjer, anhyzerlinjer eller rakt upp till 50-60m.





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