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H4V2  (Bäst betyg)

The prodigy h4 v2 is a slightly understable hybrid driver that fits perfectly between the h3 v2 and h5, providing excellent performance for [...]

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Max Weight: 176 gg
Diameter: 212 mm
Center Height: 17 mm
Rim Depth: 11 mm
Rim Thickness: 12 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2017-04-08

The Prodigy H4 V2 is a slightly understable hybrid driver that fits perfectly between the H3 V2 and H5, providing excellent performance for all levels of power. Like the other retooled hybrid drivers in our H Series, the H4 V2 has been fitted with a slightly shallower rim and a sharper nose, offering a more comfortable grip along with increased speed and glide. The H4 V2 offers amazing control and dependability for hyzer-flip, straight, and anhyzer shots. The H4 V2 is now an excellent choice for amateurs and Pros alike, whether it’s for long, gliding shots in the open or carving lines in the woods. When thrown RHBH, it will turn smoothly to the right and then have a soft, gentle finish back to the left at the end of its flight.

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    H4 V2





5 of 5. Kee Yoon Yeom, Arnäsvall (Competing Locally, over 135m)  Prodigy

Touchy  |  H4 V2 400

Detta är en grym control driver, perfekt för hyzerflip i skogen. Den flyger långt, så en bra växel upp från ex. F5, eller innovas leopard3. För den med bra tryck i armen, så funkar den utmärkt som en lång hyzerflip till turn som slutar till höger. (RHBH)





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