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Introducing helios (he'le os'), named after the god of sun, this disc flies like fire that belongs to the sky.
helios is the culminat [...]

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speed  glide  turn  fade
Max Weight: 180 gg
Diameter: 21 mm
Center Height: 16 mm
Rim Depth: 12 mm
Rim Thickness: 23 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2008-01-15

Introducing Helios (he'le os'), named after the God of Sun, this disc flies like fire that belongs to the sky.
Helios is the culmination of years of research. And by research, we mean playing disc golf. We put everything we wanted from a player’s perspective in a primary driver- high speed, long glide, variable ceiling, control, versatility, ergonomic grip, and sexiness- into Helios. Then, we consulted doctors in aeronautics, and hired a team of engineers to make sure we weren’t insane. In this way our experience and artistic vision were tempered with pure unadulterated Science. The result speaks for itself..


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