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Løft Discs (loft) Putt & Approach

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Discens form (mold), särkilt kanten (rim), avgör flygenskaper som fart, glid och stabilitet. Varje mold finns ofta i ett flertal olika plaster, färger & tryck. De mest och bäst recenserade ! (Sortering efter i tur och ordning: antal 5:or, antal recensioner och bäst genomsnitt.)


Hydrogen is the first disc from Løft Discs. Designed to be the straightest flying putter on the market, it raised more than €200,000 on Kickstarter for it’s first release.

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speed, glide, turn, fade
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Max Weight: 176 g
Diameter: 212 mm
Center Height: 21 mm
Rim Depth: 15 mm
Rim Thickness: 7 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2020-12-31
Description: Hydrogen is a beadless putter with a rounded edge and a very unique flight. Its design has been optimized with our one-of-a-kind flight path simulator to fly as straight as possible while still having a regular shape, a small diameter and a smooth grip. It will hold any line you put it on, giving “point and shoot” a whole new meaning - both for putting and throwing.

With such an honest flight, this disc is also a great tool for learning to control your angles as well as general form.

All discs weighs between 173-175g.