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brief description:
the kite is a great precision mid-range driver and a great disc to learn the roller.

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Max Weight: 0 gg
Diameter: 212 mm
Center Height: 19 mm
Rim Depth: 13 mm
Rim Thickness: 16 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2007-02-11

Brief Description:
The Kite is a great precision Mid-Range driver and a great disc to learn the roller.

Best Choice for:
Finesse drives, turnover drives, rollers, low ceiling shots, tailwind drives, downhill drives.

About the Kite:
The Kite is a small diameter mid-range driver. It has a straight to slightly understable flight path. This disc has good glide. Makes a great first roller. Advanced players will enjoy the long turnover flight and hyzer-flip capabilities. Beginners will find this is an easy-to-throw disc for driving, approaches and rolling. It is currently available in DX plastic, and Star plastic only as an exclusive TFR disc.


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