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Polecat  (Release-datum mold)

brief description:
polecat flies flat and straight. it is a great choice for pros and beginners alike. a low profile, point a [...]

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Max Weight: 175 gg
Diameter: 212 mm
Center Height: 23 mm
Rim Depth: 16 mm
Rim Thickness: 7 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 1994-01-05

Brief Description:
Polecat flies flat and straight. It is a great choice for pros and beginners alike. A low profile, point and shoot, easy-to-release putt and approach disc.

Best Choice for:
putting, grade school learners, short approaches, converting from "catch discs".

About the Polecat:
The Polecat is a beginner friendly putt and approach disc. It is a straight flying disc made in a comfortable, grippy plastic. This putter is great for short drives and approaches as it takes and holds the angle of release regardless of speed. A great choice for pros and beginners, as it works well with all putting styles.

  • 1994-01-05
    DX Polecat 150-Class




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