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The zephyr is a throw and catch disc. it has long been a favorite for the overall events of discathon and accuracy (160 grams). the zephyr i [...]

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Max Weight: 200 gg
Diameter: 241 mm
Center Height: 27 mm
Rim Depth: 17 mm
Rim Thickness: 7 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 1992-07-06

The Zephyr is a throw and catch disc. It has long been a favorite for the Overall events of Discathon and Accuracy (160 grams). The Zephyr is great at the beach, at the park or on the disc golf course. The Zephyr has a very straight and true flight characteristic. The Zephyr’s Thumtrac® gives it extra durability and a great grip, especially for sidearm throws. It’s an ideal disc for playing catch at the beach.

Diameter: 24.1cm
Rim Width: 0.80cm

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