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Defender  (Bäst betyg)

The problem with the highest speed discs is that they are historically understable. This is no longe [...]

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speed  glide  fade  turn
Max Weight: 174 gg
Diameter: 210 mm
Center Height: 16 mm
Rim Depth: 11 mm
Rim Thickness: 23 mm
PDGA Approved Date: 2016-03-02

Description: The problem with the highest speed discs is that they are historically understable. This is no longer an issue. The Defender is here. Fast. Stable. Neither of these descriptions will be in dispute after you unleash this scorcher. You will no longer have to put away your high speed discs when the wind begins to blow. The Defender will have your back when the course and the elements conspire to take you down.

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  • Defender BioFuzion Paige Pierce
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    Defender BioFuzion Paige..





5 of 5. KissP, Budapest (Competing National, 100-135m)

My go to accurate Distance Driver  |  Defender BioFuzion Paige Pierce

I use the Defender in almost any situation that requires a distance driver, but needs some kind of accuracy. The BioFuzion starts out quite overstable, but breaks in quickly and nicely and gets you a disc that can be turned a bit with a hard hyzer-flip to get a long straight flight. The Lucid starts out really overstable and stays that way for a while, I haven't broken one in completely yet. It's a great flier, with surprising glide.

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5 of 5. Daniel Viktorsson, Oskarshamn (Play-for-fun, Up to 100m)

Bra forehanddisc  |  Defender BioFuzion Paige Pierce

En väldigt snabb och mycket överstabil disc. Funkar utmärkt för raka forehandkast med en sen och pålitlig turn. Funkar även mycket bra för forehand fler och går då extremt långt med rätt teknik. Obs, inte jättebra för backhands men funkar ändån att kasta hyfers med.

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