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Evolution Starter Set
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Evolution Starter Set


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Setet består av tre olika discar. Både Link och Essence är storsäljare på discsport!

Putt & Approach
Link: Link is a trustworthy and versatile putter.

The Origin is a slightly smaller diameter midrange which makes the maximum weight just 177 grams. Combined with the smaller rim, it is very easy to hold and can help give you great control on the course.

Fairway Driver.
Essence: A whole bunch of glide and the perfect ratio of high speed turn & low speed fade. This disc has a lot offer for everyone!

Om GEO-plasten:
En mjuk plast med ett väldigt bra grepp. Kan slitas en del vid hårda trädträffar.


The entry to disc golf has always been easy. You really just need one disc, but having a complete set of putter, midrange, and driver can really get a new disc golfer hooked. We’ve worked hard to find the best combination of discs for this new Evolution Starter Set.

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